School myths – and the evidence that blows them apart


Today, the Local Schools Network publishes School Myths – And the Evidence that Blows Them Apart.

Following on from the statement last week by Andreas Schleicher of the OECD about the seven myths that distort understanding of education on the global stage, Benn and Downs look in greater detail at the situation in this country.  A short, sharp book, concentrating on the evidence not supposition, School Myths challenges the many popular misconceptions that have, for too long, dominated popular opinion on education, often as a result of distorted or partial reporting in the media.

It begins by showing that comprehensive education has not failed but succeeded triumphantly against the odds. It reveals the truth about local authorities; far from holding schools back, they enable them to work within a supportive context. It proves that marketization in education has led to a decline in educational standards in various countries around the world.

Later chapters show how we have been misled by the Coalition government about the benefits of private education, academies and free schools. The book also examines in depth the myths surrounding progressive education and the suggestion that teachers need not be trained.

The e-book is produced collectively by the Local Schools Network – a web based campaign group that supports local schools and discusses the issues that affect them. It was founded by Melissa Benn, Francis Gilbert, Fiona Millar and Henry Stewart.

School Myths will be published in hardback by Routledge in the autumn.

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