Enthusiastic support for NUT campaign

Well known writers and journalists, as well as education professors, have expressed their enthusiastic endorsement of Stand Up for Education:

Philip Pullman, Julia Donaldson, Michael Rosen, Benjamin Zephaniah, Owen Jones, Melissa Benn, Jeremy Hardy, Robin Alexander, Tim Brighouse, Peter Mortimore and many more. Read what they say about the NUT’s manifesto for education.

Supporters of Stand Up for Education include well-known children’s writers Philip Pullman, Julia Donaldson, Michael Rosen, Beverley Naidoo, Alan Gibbons and Benjamin Zephaniah.

Julia Donaldson – Author

“I have always felt that teachers should be in charge of education, rather than some whimsical and often inexperienced Minister for Education, so it is great to see the NUT taking this initiative. I am in agreement with the values and ideas behind this welcome manifesto, particularly when it comes to reducing testing and allowing more time for music, arts and drama.”

Benjamin Zephaniah – Poet, writer and musician

“This manifesto can save lives. I have seen the education system of this country become obsessed with reaching targets, saving money, and trying to keep up with the personal fantasies of politicians. We need to focus the whole system around the education of our children; if we don’t, they simply will not reach their potential, which really could mean wasted lives. I stand up for education because education is not a business; it’s a matter of life and rights.”

Journalists and writers include Owen Jones, Melissa Benn and Sue Cowley, as well as comedian Jeremy Hardy.

Owen Jones – Author of Chavs and The Establishment

“Here is an inspiring alternative: not an education system based on fragmentation and marketisation, but one that puts the needs of children at its very heart. If politicians had any sense, they would read it and act.”

Jeremy Hardy – Comedian

“There is no occupation more important than teaching, and it is time that politicians listened to the dedicated and experienced public-sector professionals whose motivation is the well-being and future of all children.”

Stand Up for Education is endorsed by renowned thinkers and writers in education Robin Alexander, Tim Brighouse, Peter Mortimore,  John MacBeath, Alan Dyson and many more.

Robin Alexander – Professor of Education and editor of the Cambridge Primary Review

“How can we not support NUT’s 2015 Manifesto for Education? This is not some ideological wish-list but a sensible and principled statement with a firm basis in evidence. The proposals on child poverty, the curriculum, assessment, teacher development, accountability, localism and the strengthening of education as a public service are all in line with those from national enquiries like the Cambridge Primary Review.”

Professor (Sir) Tim Brighouse – Former Commissioner for London Schools and former Chief Education Officer for Birmingham

“At last a set of statements which if acted upon could transform our children’s future. It will command the support of all engaged on a daily basis in education – parents, school staff, students and governors. Their voices need to be heard by all those seeking our votes in 2015.”

Peter Mortimore – Academic and author

“I am pleased to endorse the NUT’s new Manifesto for Education. It draws on sound evidence and envisages a way out of the muddled English education system that our politicians have created.”

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