Test questions for 4 year olds

The full details of the approved baseline tests for the start of Reception are not yet available, but the suppliers promotional webpages provide samples and videos to show them in operation. Here are some extracts. 

Teacher: Say Parrot without the p’

Teacher: This pencil is short, this pencil is long, this pencil is even….   Pupil: longer

Teacher: Here is a seesaw. Can you say Seesaw? Pupil: Seesaw. Teacher: Say it again but don’t say Saw. Pupil: See

Teacher: Say rub. Pupil: Rub. Teacher: Now tell me the first sound it makes. Pupil: R

Teacher: Can you tell me a word that rhymes with ‘cap’… Now say another word that begins with the same sound as shell…

Teacher: Which of these says ‘ar’ as in ‘park’ [Screen shows four two-letter sounds]

Teacher: What sounds are in the word net? Pupil: n-e-t

Teacher: I am going to sound out a word like a robot would say it: p-i-n. Can you tell me what word I have sounded out?

Teacher: Point to the b…oat. [choice of pictures on screen]

Teacher: Find the one that begins with s. [more pictures]

Teacher: Point to the picture I’m talking about   ra-bit. [more pictures]

Teacher: Find the one that begins with c. [more pictures]

It is no wonder teachers are outraged. The campaign is growing: see this Open Letter signed by Christine Blower (NUT), Mary Bousted (ATL) and representatives of early education organisations. 

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8 Responses to Test questions for 4 year olds

  1. Cathy says:

    It would be useful to have a link to the suppliers’ websites, please. Or at least name the commercial suppliers so that readers can search for them. Thanks!


  2. Sasha Aleston says:

    Once upon a curriculum there was to be no testing in Early Years, it had rightly been deemed inappropriate. Teachers are outraged,yes, but head teachers are busy buying in to these tests and toeing this ridiculous line. The changes being implemented in the Foundation Stage are diabolical, who is standing for the children???


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  4. KAREN PARKIN says:

    These tests are simply another stick with which to beat teachers. They have nothing to do with child-centred education and everything to do with this current and reprehensible ‘exam factory’ system. Early years colleagues have always assessed their children but not in a way which means that at the end of the year their pay is frozen because the child can’t explain what a split digraph is.


  5. Ella Sutton says:

    This is so damaging to out children. Again children just become statistics! So very sad! Let Educators lead education!


  6. Sally Lynch says:

    The world of ‘early years’ had gone mad! What does this tell us about our children!!! Seriously! Does this tell is what kind of learners our children are? Does it tell us where our children are academically and their potential? NO! It’s infuriating that someone out there thinks that this is a good idea for our 4 year olds!


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