Remove the figurehead… and change direction

cartoon ship CmOD3mMXEAAO8JR

The NUT has called for the resignation of Nicky Morgan as Secretary of State for Education. We expect that other organisations of teachers and parents will soon follow.

Morgan’s position is now untenable. She was appointed to calm the storms created by Gove, but did nothing to steer the ship away from the rocks.

Nicky Morgan implemented Gove’s rewrite of the National Curriculum to the letter, without bothering to listen to teachers, heads or education experts in universities.

She ploughed forward regardless with the new primary school tests and revised arrangements for GCSEs and A-levels. They have proved disastrous, and teachers, parents and the students themselves are furious.

In her management of curriculum and assessment, Morgan has failed on every count:

It is time to end the arbitrary powers of the Secretary of State over such matters.

morgan blinkered CkxSzDtXEAAOakz

But her woeful record doesn’t stop there:

Morgan is a liability to the Government, just like her predecessor Gove – which is saying something! She has to go – but also the disastrous policies which are rapidly destroying education in England!


Reclaiming Schools will continue to support the NUT’s campaigns with expert and reliable research.

Our thanks to Polly Donnison for the cartoons.


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