Links to posts on primary testing

We thought it would be useful to publish a list of our posts on primary tests over the past year. 

Primary testing (general issues)

anxious pupil

Moving beyond ‘fixed ability thinking’

Bullying by numbers – its roots in neoliberalism

An impossible curriculum: time to speak truth to power

Protecting children – from national tests

Primary tests: a barrier to real learning

Baby Pinpin makes her mark

Deciding ‘ability’ and ‘potential’, or learning without limits

I am not a test score



Learning to be literate – more than phonics

Phonics: myths and evidence

The Scottish phonics miracles: myths and evidence

The Rose Report on phonics: playing fast and loose with ‘the evidence’

The phonics check: what does it prove?

Phonics fanatics: politicians who think they know best



Testing grammar to destruction


Early years


The datafication of childhood

Developmentally informed educational excellence everywhere?



sorting hat 4 hermione

Schools urged to boycott Reception Baseline Tests

Test questions for 4 year olds

Baseline tests will damage our children’s learning

The damaging nonsense of baseline assessment

Predicting children’s “potential”: science or alchemy?

Predicting children’s potential: baseline tests

Baseline testing: science or fantasy?

A few anomalies? No, baseline is flawed from start to finish

The delusions of baseline testing

They are children not robots: baseline research

A great victory – let’s make it the first of many


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