Grammar school expansion has gathered little support


The Government have had nothing but bad news since announcing their intention to expand grammar schools. Opposition has come from all quarters, and there is widespread scepticism about Theresa May’s ‘social justice’ claim.

To be precise, she doesn’t pretend any longer that children receiving free meals will have much chance of getting into grammar schools. Currently only around 3% of grammar school pupils qualify for free school meals. That is why the Prime Minister is speaking in terms of families that are ‘struggling’ or ‘just managing’ – a very broad group nowadays!

Here are just a few of the opponents of grammar school expansion who have spoken out:

Even the House of Commons select committee are unconvinced. Its chairman Neil Carmichael, a Conservative MP, said:

The Government has yet to prove the case for opening a new wave of grammar schools…

The focus on opening new grammar schools is, in my view, an unnecessary distraction from the need to ensure all our young people are equipped with the skills to compete in the modern workplace.

The Government are trying to readjust their aims. The new grammar schools are, apparently, now going to be for the top 10%, rather than the 20% or 30% typical of existing grammar schools.

The proposal remains a serious danger, however. In the past, local authorities had to decide on comprehensive education. Local authority decisions won’t be needed to restore grammar schools. All it will take is an academy chain to make some of its schools selective, or carve a ‘centre of excellence’ out of an existing school. There will be plenty of government bribes for them to do just that.


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