‘We need more time for teaching – not more tests’

This section of the Manifesto points to the educational damage caused by a system of control based on test data and inspections.

General discussion of the English accountability regime

English teachers wrestling with educational policy shifts – Dr Linda Hammersley-Fletcher (Manchester Metropolitan University)

The NUT’s Edufacts series provides valuable introductions to:

See also our Baseline Tests collection

School self-evaluation, inspection and Ofsted   please click here

Also of interest:

The Reformer knows best– (edited article by Professor Ivor Goodson, University of Brighton)

Former Chief Inspector says ‘Trust the teachers’ – (speech by Sir David Bell, Vice-Chancellor, Reading University)

For a democratised local school system – Professor Richard Hatcher (Birmingham City University) and Professor Ken Jones (Goldsmiths College, University of London).



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