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What curriculum do young people need?

  For the last 30 years, the school curriculum in England has been imposed on teachers top-down. Teachers were not regarded as knowledgeable and were simply expected to “deliver” what politicians decided. The current version, launched by Michael Gove in … Continue reading

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No joke – a brutal class war

The extreme social divisions in today’s Britain are not just a case of unfair distribution. They are the consequence of a brutal class war conducted by the superrich on the working class. The rhetoric since 2010 has been about Austerity … Continue reading

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More PISA myths about top-performing school systems

A recent article circulated by the head of PISA Andreas Schleicher claimed to dispel “7 big myths about high-performing school systems“. These include “the myth that disadvantaged pupils are doomed to do badly in school”. Expressing the issue like this … Continue reading

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Are apprenticeships a real alternative to university?

by Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley Schools have been criticised by government ministers and Ofsted for not doing enough to promote apprenticeships, but do they serve as a real alternative to university? Our research shows that most apprenticeships are low-skilled … Continue reading

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We need to end child poverty

by Professor Meg Maguire, King’s College London What is poverty? Let’s start with some headline data. Today 3.5 million children are living in poverty in the UK, almost a third of all our children ( Approximately 63% of the children … Continue reading

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Enthusiastic support for NUT campaign

Well known writers and journalists, as well as education professors, have expressed their enthusiastic endorsement of Stand Up for Education: Philip Pullman, Julia Donaldson, Michael Rosen, Benjamin Zephaniah, Owen Jones, Melissa Benn, Jeremy Hardy, Robin Alexander, Tim Brighouse, Peter Mortimore … Continue reading

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NUT launches Stand Up for Education

Stand Up for Education, the NUT’s manifesto, was launched into pre-election debate at a rally on Tuesday, 10th February. The launch, in Mander Hall, London, was chaired by NUT Vice-President Philipa Harvey. Christine Blower, NUT General Secretary, outlined the union’s … Continue reading

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Creative learning is important

by Pat Thomson Creative learning allows children and young people to explore and communicate ideas and to design and critically evaluate possible solutions to problems. Creative approaches allow children to use a wide range of materials, media and avenues to … Continue reading

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‘The Reformer knows best’

A lot of policy borrowing has occurred between England and the USA, like a game of leapfrog in which each set of policymakers takes surveillance and privatisation a step further. We can however also learn from research into its impact and from … Continue reading

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Former Chief Inspector says ‘Trust the teachers’

Sir David Bell has been chief education officer for Newcastle, head of Ofsted, and permanent secretary at the Department of Education. He is now Vice Chancellor of Reading University. His views are difficult for politicians to shrug off. In a Radio 4 interview … Continue reading

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