Curriculum and Assessment

‘We need a wider vision of learning and achievement’

This section of the Manifesto argues in favour of a broad, balanced and enriching curriculum for all. It stands opposed to the ways in which policymakers have restricted teaching and learning to a narrow set of skills.

Primary and secondary curriculum

What is wrong with the new National Curriculum? – Terry Wrigley (Visiting Professor, University of Northumbria)  (Terry’s briefing paper refers to an accompanying powerpoint – this can be downloaded here, together with notes here)

Creative learning is important – Professor Pat Thomson (University of Nottingham)

Thinking out of the exams box – Valerie Coultas (Kingston University)

Talk for Learning – Valerie Coultas (Kingston University)

Making school maths meaningful – Pete Wright (UCL Institute of Education, London)

For current GCSE changes, see GCSEs (NUT Edufacts series)

For some key issues in ‘ability grouping’, see Setting and streaming (NUT Edufacts)

The politics of curriculum in schools (Terry Wrigley) explains the principles, tensions and political pressures underpinning curriculum change.


Early Education

For a general introduction to key issues, see Early Years Education – giving every child the best start (NUT Edufacts)

For a new public early childhood education – Peter Moss (Emeritus Professor, UCL Institute of Education, London)

For evidence and arguments concerning the introduction of Baseline Testing in Reception, please click here.


For discussion of the 14-19 question, please click here.


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