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Lessons from Shanghai?

Education ministers have repeatedly used high achievement in Shanghai to accuse English schools of poor standards. A recent TES article, by a primary teacher in a school for migrants, gave a glimpse of the reality. The school is located in an … Continue reading

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PISA results flat despite government bullying

by Dr Terry Wrigley, Northumbria University “Flat in a changing world” was how Andreas Schleicher, head of PISA, summed up the UK’s results – a conclusion which is difficult to refute. It is an inditement of political arrogance, the punitive … Continue reading

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Are giant secondary schools the answer?

by Terry Wrigley The news that a shortage of school places has led to giant secondary schools provides further evidence of the chaos resulting from the Government’s failure to plan. No one can feign surprise at the growing population, but … Continue reading

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More PISA myths about top-performing school systems

A recent article circulated by the head of PISA Andreas Schleicher claimed to dispel “7 big myths about high-performing school systems“. These include “the myth that disadvantaged pupils are doomed to do badly in school”. Expressing the issue like this … Continue reading

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